Pitched roof

JM Roofing has been in the roofing industry for the past 14 years, have earned ourselves a great reputation for our work and friendly yet professional manner . The Pitched Roofs that we build are of supreme quality and will last a long time, at the same time sustaining their pleasing look. From the historical mansions to the snow fed areas, you would find pitched roofs in certain places where the weather goes in extremities. The pitch roof is a slanting construction that is laid over a house to rise up to 12 inches, which is 10°. This style was inspired by the Gothic Architecture that was very much prevalent in that time. We know that the roof depends on many factors like the material that is used, the walkability and also a proportion to the building; hence we gain every bit of information needed to construct the roof that you are looking for, providing you with total peace of mind.

Reasons for having a Pitched Roof:

  • You most importantly like the structure of the pitched roof. The aesthetic appeal of the house can increase when you have a slanted roof
  • The loft space is the best advantage of having a pitched roof. The slanted construction meets and forms a peak, which gives you a lot of space to keep your unused materials, or convert in to another bedroom
  • A pitched roof has a greater life span than any other roofs. The materials that we use are of the highest quality and all work is carried out to the highest standard to ensure longevity of your new roof
  • The pitched roofs can make your house look different from the neighbouringhouses bringing an element of individuality
  • Longer life span than other roofs, materials are often more durable and weather resistant