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4 Signs Your Home Needs Help from a Local Roofing Company

Your home must survive torrential showers, blustery conditions, hail and intense heat in the summer months. Not only should it keep your interior safe from the cold, but it should also contain the warmth and prevent unfortunate leaks. When a problem occurs, you deserve expert care from a professional roofing contractor, whether you own pitched or flat roofing in the Guildford area. As a reputable roofing company with decades of experience, our roofers understand the common materials used and can prevent minor issues from escalating.

Call our roofing company to discuss Tapco slate roofing, felt membranes, fascia replacements or rapid repairs in and around Guildford. Below, we list issues that frequently demand the attention of our talented roofing contractors.

Cracked and Delaminating Tiles

Cracks may lead to collapsed tiles in your Guildford garden or yard, leaving the roof itself unprotected. Although it can be hard to see at ground level, if you do notice such problems, then don’t hesitate to contact your local roofing company for inspection and repairs. This allows your chosen roofers to check for growing moss that could lift the tiles away, exposing the layer underneath. Ask us about the benefits of Tapco slate roofing, which we provide to clients in the local region.

Standing Water

Flat roofing is built at a slight pitch to ensure water can flow freely into the drains. If the structure becomes compromised, however, you may notice pools of water that won’t go away. This may be a sign of a damaged or poorly crafted surface and is an issue that our roofing company can resolve both quickly and at a competitive price. You can also speak with our roofing contractors for maintenance to flat roofing in the Guildford region.

Water Damage

Do you see dark watermarks on the walls, peeling wallpaper or bubbling plaster? If so, get in touch with our roofing company to minimise the damage. From flat roofing such as GRP fibreglass and EPDM to Tapco slate roofing, our roofers can perform an in-depth inspection to find the cause of the leak. We can also repoint your chimney in Guildford or Surrey to make certain the structure remains safe in the coming years.

Your Current Roof is Old

It’s worth remembering that even the best pitched and flat roofing materials will need replacing given the strains of everyday use. Modern roofs will last for decades when cared for, but you should remain vigilant for tell-tale signs that could signal a problem. Even if your roof remains trouble-free, check to see how long your current roof should last and call our experienced roofing contractors to consider the best strategy.

Tapco slate roofing comes with a 40-year warranty, while GRP fibreglass typically lasts for at least two decades. Our roofers honour all guarantees and deliver fast results in Guildford and the surrounding areas.

Please call our time-served roofers on 01403 752379 or 077761 82717 for Tapco slate roofing, pitched installations and flat roofing in the Guildford area.

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