Flat Roofs

Houses with flat roofshave been around for many years and although less popular than a slanting roof are often a preferred choice for garages, extensions and a lot of new builds.Apart from sliding off the snow, the flat roofs serves all the purpose of a pitched, and as generally built with a slight degree of slant it will drain any rainfall.JM Roofing has been a name to trust in roofing for a long period of time with great expertise in all types of roofing. With over 14 years of experience we have a vast clientele and work predominantly through word of mouth, recommendation and referral. We build our roofs with modern materials and use an eco-friendly waterproofing system called Sealoflex. Sealoflex is rapidly replacing felt, single ply membrane and other traditional methods of waterproofing flat roofs.Sealoflex also has a 20year life expectancy; it is flexible, highly elastic and is suitable on most surfaces.

Reasons for having Flat roofs:

  • Flat roofs are often more affordable with less cost in materials and labour as they are quicker and easier to install
  • It is 100% waterproof and can withstand storms
  • There will be no blister or crack in the roof, if maintained properly
  • It will be unaffected by the expansion or contraction of the materials
  • A flat roof can withstand the worst of British weather
  • And all at a price you can afford

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