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While less traditional than pitched roofs, flat roofing remains a popular choice for home extensions, garages and new builds alike. Strong and weather-resistant, flat roofs are actually designed with a slight pitch to ensure smooth water runoff – which prevents standing water and the build-up of debris. Our roofing contractors believe that flat-roofed homes deserve just as much care as pitched ones do, and provide full installations that keep interiors warm and secure. We cover Cranleigh, Horsham, Guildford, as well as the nearby West Sussex and Surrey areas.

See below for some of the services that our roofers can provide:

• Free, fixed-price quotations with no hidden fees
• Well-trained and fully insured roofing contractors
• Flat roofing installations at an affordable cost
• Maintenance, patching, repairs and structural work
• EPDM rubber with superb weathering properties
• GRP fibreglass with 25-year product warranties

Based in Alfold near Cranleigh, we deliver a range of roofing services to the areas of Horsham and Guildford. Our roofers fix minor leaks and replace old flat roofing throughout Surrey and West Sussex.

Modern Flat Roofing of the Highest Quality

Why Should I Consider a Flat Roof for My Property?

Because flat roofs use fewer materials and are quicker to install than pitched ones, you can expect to pay a significantly lower cost overall. Unlike older roofs which used to degrade quickly, new flat roofing materials are designed to last. Flat surfaces won’t crack or blister when maintained properly, and impact damage from flying branches or debris can usually be fixed quickly by a trusted roofing contractor.

In addition, flat roofing is heat resistant, which means it won’t expand in the heat or contract under freezing temperatures.

The Finest Materials

Our roofers use only modern techniques to ensure the best results possible. These include:


A synthetic rubber membrane often used for pond lining and electrical insulation, EPDM is now a favourite among property owners across Cranleigh, Horsham, Guildford and the nearby areas. The material has a low cost, is relatively easy to repair and holds its own against torrential rain and UV rays. The versatility of EPDM makes it the perfect choice for properties with skylights.

GRP Fibreglass

Short for ‘glass-reinforced plastic’, GRP flat roofing offers unrivalled strength and comes with a 25-year guarantee for customer peace of mind. Our roofing contractors install GRP roofing with a topcoat finish, with no visible seams to weaken the structure.

Single-Ply Felt

Our roofers install a flexible, lightweight surface material for long-term security. The single-ply flat roofing membrane proves ideal for unconventional roof styles and will last for decades with very little maintenance. Our single-ply installations also include an insulating layer to keep you warm throughout the year.

No matter your location in the areas of Cranleigh, Horsham, Guildford or Surrey, J M Roofing can provide the ideal flat roofing solution for your needs.

Please call 01403 752379 or 077761 82717 to speak with our roofing contractors about flat roofing in Horsham, Cranleigh, Guildford and the neighbouring regions.

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